Friday, 12 September 2014

In his bed

Pierre has a little homemade verse that he likes to recite to Digger at night. He's been doing this for almost as long as Digs has been home with us. 

It's the last words of the day. Said just before Digger falls asleep. The last bit of our night time routine.  Before the final kiss of the day. 

In his bed
In his room
In his house
On his street
His daddy loves him 
His mummy loves him
He is safe and sound

Yesterday I said it as well when I put him to bed. With a little smile on his soft and sleepy face, eyes closed, he lisped it over his dummy and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately. 

As if those words were his night time anchor. Spoken out loud to help him let go of the day. Feeling safe and sound. I always thought falling a sleep is such a massive sign of trust, if not exhaustion. Letting go must be a quite feat for a little one. Especially if they are scared or feeling brittle. I imagine it is like setting off in the little boat, like Iggle Piggle in the Night Garden. Across the ocean, bobbing along alone on the sea til the morning. 

That takes a lot of faith to let go.

I've seen the power and magic of this little verse.
I'll use it now too. 

Thank you daddy. 


  1. Thats so sweet. What a lovely way to give him security. Its so sad that littles ones should ever have anything to worry about when going off to the land of nod.

  2. Tak you, Sophia. No they shouldn't. But every little helps. A very important part of the day.

  3. Such beautiful words as always from you. That verse is so gorgeous and obviously means so much to you all. I love the little rituals that we build into our routine that create of family history. I still whisper in my boys ears every night "mummy loves you and thinks you are very special"

    Thanks for sharing on #WASO

  4. How beautiful. I sing OB a song that I made up for him when he was very little. I sang it every night until he started to want to choose his own songs! These little rituals provide great comfort for both parents and children.

  5. Thank you so much suddenly mummy and adoption social for your lovely and reassuring comments. As I wrote this I did wonder about other peoples ritual. And possible verses. I am so glad you shared yours. Thank you.