I am an adoptive mum of a toddler, Digger, and wife to Pierre. Digger moved in with us as a big healthy baby in the summer of 2012.

My background is in the arts and in teaching. At the moment I am working part-time from home. I am an expat/foreigner in the UK, and I apologise profusely in advance for all my typos and straight up misnomers.

The journey to motherhood was a very long and windy road. Motherhood itself therefore seem all the sweeter.  Parenthood is undoubtedly the most rewarding, wonderful and bravest thing I have ever been involved in. But it is also bewildering, and certainly not always easy.

As a blogger I am still very wet behind my ears. I am trying to learn from other bloggers by listening, and reading a lot. I intend to use this blog is my space to comb my brain and ponder over what it all means and how it feels.

Gentle and therapeutic parenting appeal to me very much.  It is a cliche but only now I am getting to know the people I have know all life: my own parents. And this has sparked a critical look at how they raised us five siblings. Both good and bad stuff.

I am hoping to find alternatives to time outs, shout outs, scoldings etc., and to build on closeness and presence. Call me a softie, and you would be right. Most of the time.

I predict parenthood is life-long steep learning curb (hopefully flattening out a bit as we bumble along), but it was a surprise, to me anyway, to realise just how much of parenting that is learning about myself, so that I can be a better mum to Digger. This is self-development on a scale I could not have imagined.

All for the sake of a little man who turned my life upside down.

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