Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The things we do: The Mattress

We have an old mattress in our sitting room.

It is used for jumping on. By Digger, by us - his parents, and any guest – big or small – if they fancy. The three of us use it at least two or three times a day for a good 30 mins. Often to a sound track of some pop with a good, steady beat. At the moment Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice and Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder are favourites.

It gets Digger out of puff, and quite steamy after a while, which leaves him happier and meeker for the rest of the day. We notice the difference on days with little or no mattress action Digger style. Digger throws himself around, in funny and amazing shapes, and is perfecting his moves.

The mattress is incredibly useful to have inside. Even on rainy days Digger can get a real workout without leaving the house. But it really comes into its own every evening, when we use it to squeeze the last bits of energy of the day out if him. He sleeps much better after a good session.

My husband was very sceptic when I wanted to keep the battered old thing, and use up so much floorspace. But we made a nice (washable!) cover, so now you find him bouncing most nights too.


  1. That sounds great!
    I have heard from many people that bouncing is meant to be a great way of settling and calming children.

  2. Thanks. Since we reinstated the mattress, I have heard of the calming influence of trampolining and horse riding as having a very good effect on calming children. But haven't got the space for either. So mattress it is… ;)